How do I find Unlocky?

We are located in the attic of the wonderful wine bar Maison Du Vin,

22 Market Place YO17 7LX

Please see our "find us" section

for more details

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of car parks around the venue you can't miss them, with two hours free parking.

Are you accessible?

Unfortunately we're not wheelchair friendly, we're only accessible by stairs.

Do you have a bathroom?

Yes, There are some bathrooms on the ground floor of Maison Du Vin, please use the facilities before heading up to our reception.


Do I need to arrive early?

Yes, Please be in our reception area on the top floor of Maison Du Vin 15 minutes before your booking.

This is for health and safety and introduction to the game.

We only require you to be 15 minutes early and no more, If you're wanting to arrive at the venue early, we recommend spending some time in Maison Du Vin wine bar, they have some lovely comfortable seating, tea and coffee.

How long does it last?

The maximum amount of time estimated is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Is it scary?

Our current game(s) are not scary. There are no jump scares and no live actors.

Who can play?

Our game(s) are great for friends, families, and team building corporate events. Any age from 12 and above.

Can we eat or drink?

There is no food or drink permitted inside of the game.

What do we do with our belongings?

We have lockers provided in our reception area.

We've had a few beers, is that ok?

It is compulsory for you to not be intoxicated inside of the game. From our experience, you will become more heavy handed and less careful within the room which could cause damages and if this was to happen, we would stop the game immediately with no refund.  This is also a requirement for health and safety reasons and again from our experience we've had customers say before "we should come and try again without drinking next time" as they may have not performed aswell as they could of. 

We are located in a bar, so we will be extra vigilant and strict with this rule.

All we ask is that you save your celebration drinks until after the game.


How do I book?

If you head to our "games" section and click "Book" it will take you to our availability calendar and booking system.


Do you accept walk ins?

Please see our online booking system and Please contact us via phone call on 01653 609182 for same day bookings.

Cancellation / Reschedule policy?

There are no refunds in the case of a cancellation or no-show. We require 48 hours notice for a reschedule,  please reschedule or cancel by emailing

How do I cancel? / Reschedule

We only accept cancellations and reschedules via email at

Do I need to print my booking confirmation?

Please only print your confirmation email if you are unable to access your emails online via smartphone etc... We don't need to see a confirmation email, we will only check the name of the booking.


Is there a minimum or maximum group size?

Yes, our games are available for the minimum of 2 persons and the maximum of 6 persons.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, the minimum age required is 12 years old. All groups of 12-16 to be accompanied by an adult. 

What if we need to leave the room?

Don't worry, if you need to leave the room you can, we have emergency exit buttons which allow you to leave the room at any time for any reason.

Can we tell people about the game?

We ask you to please keep the secrets of the room to yourself. You wouldn't want to talk to say too much and spoil the experience for someone else.

In the attic of

Maison Du Vin

22 Market Place,


YO17 7LX

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